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  Impact Wrenches with Singlehanded Finger Tip Slide F/R Control
KUANI’s new series of lightweight pistol grip impact wrenches are equipped with a patented Finger Tip Slide Control device allowing the user to switch between forward & reverse with one hand.
The ergonomic design of the composite handle covered with soft TPR rubber, as well as the lightened and well balanced grip of the tool help to ease the stress on wrist and arm during operation. All together offers the most comfortable and smooth operational experience over long working periods.

Benefits Highlight:

  • - Smooth & efficient one hand operation
  • - Well balanced ergonomic comfort design



Model No.
Anvil Size Free
Working Torque
@ 5th Sec.
SQ. DR. R.P.M ft-lb N.m.
KI-1380 3/8" 13,500 400 542
KI-1482 1/2" 13,500 430 583
KI-1481 1/2" 8,500 750 1,017
KI-1480 1/2" 8,000 900 1,220
KI-1680 3/4" 8,000 950 1,288
KI-1681 3/4" 6,000 1,300 1,763
KI-1880 3/4" 6,000 1,400 1,898



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